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Sacrament of Love Catholic Adoration Music Video

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Sacrament of Love by  Trust in Mercy is one of the group’s first compositions.  This contemporary Adoration song, written in English and Spanish, invites listeners to spend time with Jesus, just as our Lord invited His disciples to be with Him during His hour of solitude, loneliness, and anguish in the Garden of Gethsemane while His apostles slept. The songwriters reflect on what it must be like for Jesus to spend so much time alone in the tabernacles throughout the world. They convey a message that all of us, moved by compassion and a desire to please God, can give Him solace.

Inspired by the moving devotion of college students during their weekly Holy Hour, the duo created this song to help inflame the hearts of anyone who comes to worship the Lord in Eucharistic Adoration.

“Today’s contemporary Christian music doesn’t always reflect on particularly Catholic theology or practices, ” Saval said. “In this song, the Eucharist (the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ,) otherwise named the ‘Sacrament of Love,’ is front and center.”

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Previous Releases

In May of 2019, Trust in Mercy released its first EP Catch My Breath which includes “Oasis,” “Temple of the Lord,” “Balance,” and “Catch My Breath.”  This EP “is a valuable companion for prayer,” the duo stated.  It is described as having “smooth tones and thoughtful lyrics that inspire a deep connection between ourselves, God, and the world He made for us.”  The lines from the beginning of “Oasis” were the last words written as Saval struggled with her budding music career more than 10 years earlier when she was an atheist.  She found herself unable to complete the song, or any song, for many years due to a series of injuries and depression.

Back Story

Following an experience with the Lord in a dream, Saval began searching for answers which eventually led her to the Catholic church.  As she learned more and more about Jesus Christ, she became a stronger, faith-centered woman.  She found her way back to music and began writing and singing Christian music. Saval was then able to write the second part of “Oasis” which is decidedly more hopeful and spirit-filled.


Trust in Mercy finds inspiration in music by Hillsong United, Lauren Daigle, Matt Maher, Audrey Assad, Bethel Music, One Sonic Society, David Crowder Band, For King and Country, and others.  Their hope is that those who listen to the music by Trust in Mercy will find themselves inspired and “taken up in joy and desire for our Lord Jesus.”