Angela Saval

Song Credits: This Storm, Sacrament of Love, Sacramento de Amor, Catch My Breath, Oasis, Balance

Angela Saval, an Indiana native, has had songs/music in her head since early childhood. After earning a B.S. in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, she worked as a software engineer in the Silicon Valley for five years.  During this time, she also set up her own music studio, her own band, and performed her secular music in local San Francisco clubs.  She was attempting to make a career in music when God brought her to her knees, took away all of her “gifts,” and rendered her unable to care for herself due to a brain injury.  Angela was forced to return to Indiana where her parents cared for her.  She was unable to compose, sing, play the piano, or do any computer programming for 10 years.  In 2011, Angela began attending Catholic mass with her father and was confirmed in the Church in 2012.  Gradually, God miraculously healed her brain even though doctors said that would be impossible.  Now, in 2018/19, Angela is composing, singing, playing, and producing music dedicated to the Glory of God.